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Join us for GHk Pilhar Academy Live Info Sessions to learn more about the GHk Pilhar Academy and to have all your questions answered.

These occur once a week on Thursdays at 12:00pm EST (New York/Toronto);
9:00am PST;
5:00pm GMT.

Note: No info session on May 11 and 18 due to our presenting at the Congreso Internacional NMG Germanic Heilkunde in Spain.

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Acquire the knowledge, confidence, and skills you need to help yourself and help others with GHk

  • Are you overwhelmed by trying to learn GHk on your own?
  • Do you learn better in live classes with experienced teachers?
  • Are you looking for a structured and focused approach to your learning?
  • Do you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of GHk?
  • Are you looking for an option to be a teacher within the GHk Pilhar Academy? 

Common Curriculum in All Programs

  • Solid Foundation of GHk Basics

    The Basics of GHk includes the history of development, the sociological and anthropological viewpoints, the science of the Five Biological Laws, and additional topics.

  • Pychoses - Constellations

    The GHk perspective on so-called "mental illness," mood disorders, behavioral changes, and personality quirks. Also includes the scientific explanation of asthma, anorexia, bulimia, orgasms, homosexuality, and much, much more. Includes the societal impact of these.

  • All Significant Biological Special Programs of Nature for every organ and tissue

    The scientific cause of every "disease" (Significant Biological Special Program) for every organ and tissue in the body.

  • Case Studies

    To learn the practical application of GHk; how to use it in your own life. This is Applied GHk.

  • Train the Trainer Classes

    These additional classes, with an optional, additional hands-on Practicum, are designed for the Educator Program.

When You Enroll....

When you enroll in either the Associate or Educator course, not only will you have access to live classes, you will also have access to study materials, case studies, and professionally produced video modules.

After completing your program with GHk Pilhar Academy, you will feel comfortable and confident to apply GHk in any setting. You will also gain knowledge that you can start implementing straight away.

This will be a unique educational experience, and your first step to transforming your health and the health of others.

Which Course is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any pre-requisites for enrolling in a course with GHk Pilhar Academy

    The most important prerequisite is to have a desire and drive to learn this new biological science in depth.

    Our goal is to be accessible to all people, thus, there are no prerequisites other than this.

    You may find at some point you want additional training in different areas such as anatomy & physiology, however, our program is incredibly comprehensive for the majority of students.

  • What is included in the tuition price?

    The Self-Study course gives you access to all of the lessons in a video format.

    The GHk Associate and Educational Consultant programs include weekly live classes, access to the live class replays, written material to download, and quizzes to check your progress plus access to the Community. Please check the Comparison Chart above for more specifics.

  • Will I be certified?

    Until there is a GHk certifying body, actual official certification as a GHK practitioner does not yet exist.

    Various teachers may give a perceived "certification," however, that is not officially recognized by any certifying body.

    Once you pass the GHk Pilhar Academy final exam, you will receive a certificate as a GHK Educational Consultant verifying you have mastered the highest level of GHk education.

    You have the option to be listed through the GHk Pilhar Academy Educational Consultant Directory.

  • What is the difference between the Self-Study and the tutored options?

    Self-study is entirely on your own. There is no actual support nor any opportunity to ask questions in real time. You learn via the videos. The GHk Associate and GHk Educator programs have live weekly classes and an additional live Q&A every month, access to video replays, and written course materials.

  • What can I do with my GHk Pilhar Academy education?

    The GHk Self-Study is really designed to use for your own health and your family's health. The GHk Associate program is best for you if you want to know GHk in-depth but without the desire to teach or use with clients. The GHK Education Consultant is for you if you want a professional career with GHk as an educator or a consultant. You will also have an opportunity to join the GHk Pilhar Academy as an educator to spread the knowledge and you can be listed in the GHk Pilhar Academy Consultant Directory.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    We do not have a standard refund policy. In case of extreme financial hardship please reach out to us.

Faculty Of GHk Pilhar Academy

In honorarium Helmut Pilhar

Worked side by side with Dr. Hamer since 1995.
Developed material with Dr. Hamer.
Taught for 27 years in Dr. Hamer's place.
Appointed by Dr. Hamer in 2010 as a lecturer for University of Sandefjord University; Lecturer of GHk Science.
Received mandate from Dr. Hamer to teach GHk online.
Father of Olivia

Helmut said before passing in 2022: "The new GHk Pilhar Academy allows me to improve the quality of my teachings and thus, the quality of the education and my ability to spread GHk across the world."

Leadership of the English GHK Pilhar Academy Nick Capetanis

Over 20 years of experience in practicing GHk.
Attended multiple live seminars with Dr. Hamer and Helmut Pilhar.
Worked alongside Dr. Hamer on various projects.
Ran local workshops.
Ran live English Forums with Helmut Pilhar.

Quote: My vision is to be part of a bigger effort to bring worldwide awareness to GHk.

Want To Know What People Are Saying?

Find out more...

Giovanna Conti

I am really happy about this new project developed by my friend and colleague Helmut Pilhar, to whom, as always all my endorsement goes. Helmut was our most important reference in the GHK world, together with Andrée Sixt.

That’s why I always recommend taking courses developed by him to those who want to learn the roots of Dr. Hamer’s huge work. I especially recommend Helmut’s Academy as the English-speaking people do not have access to Dr. Hamer's original books and materials which give the most accurate information.

Congratulations to GHK Global for choosing to spread the pure knowledge of the Germanische Heilkunde®. Viva la Medicina Sagrada!


Good evening Mr. Pilhar. I have a medical education. My intuition always said that I was not on the right path to heal the sick, but I did not know which was the right path. I was searching until I was sick myself. I came into contact with Germanic healing a few years ago through two female doctors who were also sick and found this way to get well again. I then attended a seminar and another course once a week for 6 months. I was a bit confused about the 5 laws of nature until I watched the first video of yours and got more clarity. You are a good teacher. I would like to be like that (or better:)) and pass on this knowledge. Thank you very much!


Dear Mr. Pilhar! I have only recently heard about Germanic medicine for the first time and was able to solve my painful shoulder issue for years (all therapies of conventional medicine failed, congenital spur at the acromion tip that caused bursitis). Through understanding and through resolution I am recently pain free, I can't believe it yet, neither can my son who is a surgeon and orthopaedic surgeon. The movement restrictions and pain have completely disappeared.

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