What is Germanische Heilkunde®?

In contrast to “modern” medicine, Germanische Heilkunde is an natural science based on 5 Biological Laws, which have been confirmed in every single case in human bodies as well as in mammals in general. It is only Germanische Heilkunde that, for the first time in the history of medicine, uses Biological Laws, according to which all our "illnesses" proceed.

Germanische Heilkunde is clear, logical, understandable, and easy to trace for every average person. In fact, there are no diseases, but instead indispensable biological processes with phases of activity and regeneration occurring in them which are necessary to conclude the cycle of every illness. In Germanische Heilkunde they are known as Significant Biological Special Programs.

Losing Fear

Germanische Heilkunde is the complete opposite of modern medicine. By understanding the relationship between the psyche, brain, and organ, you learn to interpret conventional diseases from the perspective of the five biological laws of nature as Significant Biological Special Programs. This allows you to lose the fear of the diagnosis. 

This is for the average person who desires GHk knowledge for themselves and their family.

We could also say it is for “everybody” if you want to:  

  • learn how your body works. 
  • have an extensive video library explaining the 5 Biological Laws of Nature which explain the cause of:
    • every disease of all organs and tissues such as cancer, GI tract issues, eczema and other skin issues, heart attacks, strokes, tremors, and much more.
    • every mental disorder and behavioral pattern such as OCD, depression, bulimia, etc. 

You will also study the application of Germanische Heilkunde through the study of real life examples in actual case studies.  

How is this organized?

  • A self-study, self-guided Video on Demand program.

  • Over 100 hours of educational material; each video lesson is approximately 1-2 hours.

  • Over 18+ months, there will be at least 3 videos available per month.

  • You'll receive Lifetime access to the course and all videos - limited time offer.

The videos are:

  • professionally created.

  • the same content as the videos produced for the GHK Associate and Certification programs.

  • feature a native English speaker.

In the Self-Study program, you will receive the Videos as they become available. 

Production begins in the fall of 2022 and will finish in the spring of 2024. By the time the course begins in January, 2023, the Basics Bundle will be complete and available.  

There will be 3 bundles of video courses in total. This is approximately 120 hours of actual videos.

These are different from any existing videos from Helmut Pilhar. They are being translated from the original German by a native German/English speaker and are being voiced by a native English speaker. Additional content is being added. 

Preorder pricing:  $695 until the end of January, 2023. Normal pricing is $750. 

Each of the 3 bundles can be purchased as they become available. Total cost for all videos purchased individually: $1,250.

Regular Bundle price of all 60+ videos: $995.


Bundles purchased individually:

  • Basics Bundle: $350
  • Psychoses: $350
  • Biological Programs (SBS's): $550

Pricing options

We offer two payment options: a one-time option and a monthly option for 24 months.