What is Germanische Heilkunde®?

In contrast to “modern” medicine, Germanische Heilkunde is an natural science based on 5 Biological Laws, which have been confirmed in every single case in human bodies as well as in mammals in general. It is only Germanische Heilkunde that, for the first time in the history of medicine, uses Biological Laws, according to which all our "illnesses" proceed.

Germanische Heilkunde is clear, logical, understandable, and easy to trace for every average person. In fact, there are no diseases, but instead indispensable biological processes with phases of activity and regeneration occurring in them which are necessary to conclude the cycle of every illness. In Germanische Heilkunde they are known as Significant Biological Special Programs.

Who is this For:

This is for people who want to acquire an educational level of Germanische Heilhunde that will allow them to teach and support others as a GHk Educational Consultant. 

Are you already a:

  • Nutritionist?
  • Physician or nurse?
  • Holistic consultant?

Or do you simply desire to teach GHk? 

Then this program is for you.

This program is comprised of:

  • Everything in the Associate Program, PLUS:
  • The Business of GHk: a Practical Application Course
  • Final written exam at course completion
  • Alumni Club Membership
  • Worldwide Educator Directory
  • Optional: Become an Educator with the GHk Pilhar Academy Team.                                Interview required. 

Optional Practicum:

  • After completing the above GHk Educator course, you have the opportunity to embark on a Practicum, putting into practice everything you have learned with support and guidance from Nick & Andi. 
  • There is an additional $350 and an additional two months of support and guidance for the Practicum.  

How is this organized?

  • Over 100 hours of new, updated, in-depth, educational material.

  • Weekly, live classes according to the 20+ month curriculum. Each live class corresponds to a new, weekly lesson.*

  • A self-study, self-guided Video on Demand program. Each video lesson is approximately 1-2 hours.

  • MP3 Audio file for each lesson.

  • Full color PDF e-books for each lesson.

  • Quizzes for every lesson to test your knowledge.

  • Lifetime access to the course and all videos.

  • Library of live class recordings.

  • After the initial charter group which begins January 17, 2023 is finished in two years, the format of live classes will change. Students joining AFTER Jan, 2022, will receive the replays of the live classes until. After January, 2024, we will offer three live teleconferences per month for new students and for those who want more live support.

The videos are:

  • professionally created.

  • the same content as the videos produced for the GHK Associate and Certification programs.

  • feature a native English speaker.


 Educational Consultant program without a Practicum: 

This is designed for people who want to teach GHk in any setting including either online or in-person. 

$2,700.00 USD

Educational Consultant program with a Practicum:

This is designed for people who want to work with clients, guiding them on their journey. 

 An additional $350 is due before the beginning of the Practicum. 

The Practicum includes more hands-on experience and more guidance & support.  It entails a final Capstone project working directly with a client. 

Pricing options

GHk Pilhar Academy Calendar

Jan - March 2023